Sorenson Rebrand

In 2019, Sorenson Communications rebranded the company logo after 15 successful years in Video Relay Service.

Logo Animation

With the new logo revealed, I was responsible for animating the logo for a video bumper at the end of every company produced video. The dots represent our customers coming together. Once the 8 dots gathered in a circle for a split second, it represents Sorenson's patented LightRing technology on their videophones. Ad the logo creates a bounce from the left to the right, it mimics the movement of how we sign "Sorenson" in American Sign Language. I also animated the text.

Announcement Animation

Before finalizing the logo animation, I created an animated announcement video that was shared with our customer base. This was done to announce our new logo, and the new direction the company was taking.

Hardware Start-up Loading Screen

I customized the logo animation to be built into a loading screen of Sorenson's latest videophone, Lumina.

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